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  • 20PC SET- Stink Sack Smell Proof Bags- 10.75"x10.57" / Black

20PC SET- Stink Sack Smell Proof Bags- 10.75"x10.57" / Black

    • 10.75"x10.57": holds up to 1 lb
    •  Black color
    • Expands by 2 inches
    • Odor-proof storage
    • 4.7mil thick dispensary-grade bags

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Product Description

Product Description

These Smell Proof Bags from Stink Sack hold up to 1/2 pound, are black, and come 20 pieces per order. The 10.75"x10.5" sack expands to 6 inches and reportedly "traps any smell for over 1 month when sealed!" Stink Sacks are 4.7mil thick and are dispensary grade, sealable storage.

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