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420 Science Killer Acid Far Out Pop Top Jar

SKU: JR864
    • Airtight glass stash jars
    • Made in the USA by 420 Science
    • KILLER ACID Far Out theme

Product Description

Product Description

Cool Glass Jars

The Pop Top Jar - Killer Acid Far Out comes in extra small (3.25"), small (3.75"), medium (4"), and large (4.5"/16 grams) sizes, and features super-thick glass & pop-top lids with airtight seals. Made in the USA.

KILLER ACID is a publishing imprint based in New York City. Created by artist Rob Corradetti in 2009, Killer Acid specializes in screen prints, paintings, T-shirts, comic books, and psychedelic ephemera. The style is a blend of head shop and punk rock. It is directly inspired by Corradetti's teenage prankster years, hearkening back to his tumultuous and technicolor coming of age in Delaware in the early 1990s and will connect with your wild-and-crazy customers!