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420 Science - The Good Weed Pop-Top Jar

SKU: JR898
    • Gasketed airtight glass stash jars
    • Comes in extra small, small, medium, and large sizes
    • Made in the USA by 420 Science
    • Machine Blown Glass
    • Permanent Glass Decals

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Product Description

Product Description

Glass Stash Jars

The 420 Science The Good Weed Pop-Top Jar is designed to keep herb fresh and sticky. These pop top jars are available in multiple sizes to suit your customers' needs:

Extra small (3.25" tall; holds an eighth or 3.5 grams)
Small (3.75" tall; a quarter ounce or 7 grams)
Medium (4" tall; Holds a third ounce or 10 grams)
Large (4.5" tall; holds a half ounce or 16 grams)

420 Science Jars feature super-thick glass with airtight pop-top lids. These USA made jars will keep your customers' stuff dank and stinky!

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