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  • Amira Mini Spider Hookah - 12" | Colors Vary

Amira Mini Spider Hookah - 12" | Colors Vary

SKU: HK498


  • 12" height
  • Single hose design
  • 11" aluminum hose handle
  • Colored glass vase
  • Stainless steel diffused down tube
  • Aerospace grade aluminum
  • Solid threaded base connection
  • Sold in assorted colors
  • Travel carry bag included

Product Description

Product Description

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The Amira Mini Spider Hookah features a unique tripod leg design with a solid threaded connection between the base and the stem. Made with a stainless steel diffused down tube and aerospace grade aluminum. The hookah includes both a funnel bowl and a clay shisha bowl, colored glass vase, single premium hose w/ 11 inch aluminum handle, downstem, and charcoal tongs. Sold in assorted colors. Stands 11 inches tall. Comes with a travel sized carry bag so users can bring the hookah with them anywhere.