BYO Chika Hookah | 19"

SKU: HK513


  • 19 inches tall
  • Resin-wood shaft w/ matching hose handle
  • Chameleon glass vase w/ matching color
  • Stainless steel tube & diffuser
  • Aerospace grade aluminum components
  • Click-to-lock hookah stem into base
  • Multiple color options

Product Description

Product Description

This BYO Chika Hookah comes in a variety of color options, all made with proprietary resin-wood built into an aerospace grade aluminum body. This hookah comes complete with a BYO clay bowl,  a hose with matching resin-wood design, and a color matching personal hookah mouth tip. The base of the hookah, chameleon glass with a colored bottom, locks the hookah stem into place with just a twist and click.