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  • Boveda Display Container for 4g or 8g - 2.4qt

Boveda Display Container for 4g or 8g - 2.4qt

SKU: CN371
    • 2.4qt sealed container
    • Holds 4g or 8g Boveda packs

Product Description

Product Description

The Boveda Display Container is a 2.4qt countertop display for the 4g or 8g humidipaks used for drying, curing, and storing legal herb.

The 4g is 2"x2" and treats up to 1/2 oz in small bags or containers. The 8g is 2.75" x 2.5" and treats up to 1 oz. These humidity control packets last months in a sealed container and have shelf lives of 1 year. Customers will see that Boveda is an excellent way to preserve color, aroma and flavor of fine herb. Simple to use too. Just put it in a sealable container or bag and replace once it's gone rigid.

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