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  • Burnbud Smokers Tool - 5" / Black Gray

Burnbud Smokers Tool - 5" / Black Gray

SKU: LT517
    • 5" smoker's accessory lighter tool
    • Durable, shock proof plastic body
    • Includes herb shredder & storage
    • Built in bottle opener
    • Dispenser fills cones & bowls
    • Holds a mini Bic lighter (not included)

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Product Description

Product Description

Cool Smoker's Tools

The Burnbud Original is an all-in-one smoker's accessory with a shredder card, storage chamber for ground herb, and a dispenser that fills cones or bowls. It even has a built-in bottle opener! This accessory hold a mini Bic lighter (not included). Pocket friendly, dishwasher safe.