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Crud Bud™ Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes - Tub

SKU: CP103


  • (1) tub / (80) cleaning wipes
  • 70% alcohol-based glass cleaner
  • Cleans and deodorizes in seconds
  • Call (855) 234-4386 to Pre-Order

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Product Description

Product Description

Call (855) 234-4386 to Pre-Order

The Crud Bud™ Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes offers a hassle-free, way to clean and disinfect pipes, mouthpieces, nails, dabbers, small glass parts, grinders, silicone surfaces, hands- you name it! Alcohol disinfecting wipes are safe to use on metal, glass, plastic, titanium, quartz, and any other non-porous surface. Tub contains 80 wipes.


- Use each wipe once and discard. - Rinse cleaned surfaces with water and allow to air dry before use. - Use multiple wipes for stubborn crud. - Wash hands with soap and water after each use.

Note:*This product may not be eligible for further discounts. Please contact your Sales Rep for further details. 855.234.4386.