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Dab Magic Concentrate to E-Juice Mix - 15ml

SKU: SA1543
    • 15ml wax to e-juice solutions
    • Flavored and unflavored options
    • Creates stable suspensions in under a minute
    • Solutions can be used in ecigs, oil pens, or cartridges
    • Made in USA

Product Description

Product Description

Wax to eJuice Liquids

The The Dab Magic Concentrate to E-Juice Mix offers 15ml of flavored (or unflavored) solution that turns wax dabs into e-juice! Help your customers create a stable and permanent suspension of waxes, concentrates, or oils in under a minute with the flavor of their choice such as Blueberry, Mango, OG (unflavored), and Pineapple. The thick oil created can be used in an ecig, oil pen, or cartridge. Dab Magic is made in the USA and contains a proprietary blend of USDA medical grade PG and Down Corning PEG liquids. Can be added to food or drink or used to create tinctures.