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Disco Ball Bubble Carb Cap - 30mm

SKU: SA2359
• 30 mm glass bubble style carb cap
• 2.5 inches long
• Worked boro glass
• Directional airflow

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.

Product Description

Product Description

Bubble Carb Cap

The Disco Ball Bubble Carb Cap is made to resemble a disco ball. Made with borosilicate glass this carburetor cap can be manipulated to direct air flow over bangers smaller than 30 mm. Carb caps allow for cooler dabs conserving the flavor for longer sessions. Your customers can dab away their worries while using this accessory with their favorite oil rig. Being able to direct the airflow helps ensure that customers get maximum efficiency with concentrates and their product is completely vaporized. Diameter measures 30 millimeters wide.

Don't forget to get oil rigs and bangers!!!