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Dr. Dabber SWITCH Induction Vaporizer | 3000mAh



  • 3000mAh battery
  • Dry herb & concentrate vaporizer
  • Induction heating
  • 25 specially calibrated heat settings
  • 150 uses in a single charge
  • Charges in just 60 minutes
  • Average heat time of 4 seconds
  • Sealed off electronics to protect from leakage
Replacement Parts
Silicone Whip Attachment
Glass Bubbler Attachment
Silicone Seal for Bubbler Attachment
Charging Cable & Adapter

Product Description

Product Description

Featuring revolutionary induction heating, the Dr. Dabber SWITCH Induction Vaporizer easily vaporizes both oils and flowers with a press of a button. Its innovative design seals off electronics to protect from leakage, meaning any product in the heating chamber stays in the heating chamber. 

The SWITCH Vape features 25 specially calibrated heat settings, so whether you want full flavor, dense vapor, or large clouds, users can choose the heat that works with your product. After all, no two flowers or oils are the same, so why limit yourself!

With over 150 uses per charge and pass-through charging, the SWITCH Vape can be used as a portable or tabletop vaporizer. The powerful 3000mAh battery charges in just 60 minutes so you never have to feel held back by battery power.

Instructions include Induction Guide and Seizure Warning label.