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Guarding Hydra Geode LED Backflow Incense Burner | 6"

SKU: IB349
    • 6" polyresin backflow incense burner
    • Works specifically with backflow cones
    • Smoke cascades downwards
    • Dragon & crystal design
    • LED color-changing backlight
    Requires two AA batteries (not included)

Product Description

Product Description

Cool Incense Holders

The Dragon Backflow Burner is a 6 inch polyresin incense burner specifically made for holding backflow style incense cones. Intricately decorated with a dragon perched on top of a crystal geode. The crystal section features a color changing LED backlight (AA batteries not included). The incense smoke cascades down through the crystal geode and pools at the bottom while the LED lights it up. The incense burner includes a single backflow cone and a metal funnel stand for the cone to sit on.