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Eyce Silicone Cleaner - 8oz Bottle - 12 Pack

SKU: CP122
• 8 ounce bottle
• For use with silicone pipes
• Plan-based non-toxic formula
• No alcohol formula
• Also works with glass, metal , ceramic, tile & stone
• Made in the USA

Wholesale Waterpipe Cleaner

Eyce Silicone Cleaner is created to be used with silicone pipes. This formula contains no alcohol so it won't hurt the silicone the way that other cleaners will. Made with plant-based ingredients to be non-toxic and is great at removing build-up from inside your pipes. Besides silicone, this cleaner also works with glass, metal, ceramic, tile and stone. The cleaner contains no dyes or fragrances. Made in the USA.


Submerge the item for 5 minutes, scrub vigorously, rinse thoroughly and repeat as needed.