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  • Grav Labs Circuit Flush Base Oil Rig - 5.5"

Grav Labs Circuit Flush Base Oil Rig - 5.5"

SKU: PP987
    • 6.75 inches tall
    • 14mm male joint
    • 14mm female domeless nail
    • Swirling circuit diffusion
    • Stemless double chamber design
    • Assorted label colors

Product Description

Product Description

The Grav Labs Small Circuit Double Layer Stemless Rig stands 6.75 inches, delivering perfect palm-sized dabs. This small oil rig creates a smoke circuit through two chambers that cools and diffuses hits. The stemless design means little splash back while the circuit swirls everything in a cooling pattern for massive rips!

The experts at Grav Labs- located in Austin, Texas- deliver innovative design time after time. The company, founded in 2004, is known worldwide for premier water pipes, bubblers, and glass pipes.

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