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  • Grav Labs Glycerine Chiller Multi Kit - 4"

Grav Labs Glycerine Chiller Multi Kit - 4"

SKU: PP1144
    • 4" chiller multi kit
    • Glycerin mouthpiece (assorted colors)
    • X cut diffused push bowl bubbler head attachment
    • 90 degree one-hitter bowl attachment
    • Vapor nozzle attachment for dabs

Product Description

Product Description

Wholesale Grav Labs Glass

The Grav Labs Glycerine Chiller Multi Kit is the premier chill travel companion, letting your customers make the pipe they want wherever they want. This multi set contains a freezer-friendly glycerin mouthpiece in assorted colors. Attachments include an x cut diffused push bowl bubbler head, a 90 degree one-hitter bowl, and a vapor nozzle for concentrate usage.

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