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  • GRAV Helix Tapered Base Glass Water Pipe | 8.75" | 14mm F

GRAV Helix Tapered Base Glass Water Pipe | 8.75" | 14mm F

SKU: PP982
    •Â 8.75 inches tall
    •Â 19mm secure joint clamp
    •Â Helix Venturi dome
    •Â Removable Helix Swiss down stem
    •Â 14mm Helix one-hitter bowl

Product Description

Product Description

The Grav Labs Helix Beaker Water Pipe was designed for both form and function with the awesome look of the Venturi dome that calls to customers. A large water chamber allows for as little as an inch of water, but can also handle more without splash back. The Venturi dome's Erlenmeyer flask-shape works perfectly with the helix perc, swirling smoke like a powerful cyclone, cooling it for massive rips! This thick glass water pipe also features a removable Swiss diffuser downstem, a 14mm Helix one-hitter bowl.

The experts at Grav Labs- located in Austin, Texas- know all about powerful cyclones. The company, founded in 2004, is known worldwide for premier water pipes, bubblers, and glass pipes.

AFG Distribution is proud to be a licensed distributor, bringing you and your customers the latest in Grav Labs' glassware at affordable wholesale prices.

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