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  • GRAV Octobowl Herb Slide with Built-in Screen | 14mm M | 5ct Box

GRAV Octobowl Herb Slide with Built-in Screen | 14mm M | 5ct Box

SKU: SA1453-14MPK
    • 14mm male glass bowl
    • Oversized bowl holds large amount
    • Scientific-grade borosilicate glass
    • Sturdy extended handle
    • Sold in 5 piece bundles

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Product Description

Product Description

The Grav Labs Octobowl Herb Slide features a built-in glass screen that maximizes airflow while minimizing clogs. It's a 14mm male slide that's a perfect addition to any 14mm female waterpipe or rig! This bowl sits atop a rasied stem to really make it stand out! The Octobowls are made from super-strong borosilicate glass which is both heat and break resistant. A thick, extended handle makes this a premier slide for any 14mm female Grav Labs water pipe. A burnt-on logo marks this slide as premier glass. Sold in 5 piece bundles.

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