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HappyKit - Very Happy Dab Kit - 8"x4.5"

SKU: HZ926
  • Vapor vessel with percolator kit
  • 10mm titanium tip
  • 10mm mouth piece
  • Filled torch and dab tool
  • 2 silicone dab containers
  • 4" dab pad
  • Shock and smell proof case
  • Portable travel size

Product Description

Product Description

Happy Kit's Very Happy Dab Kit  will make your customers very happy. This kit offers a smooth hitting glass vapor vessel with a tree percolator. It includes a removable 10 mm titanium tip and 10 mm mouth piece. Keep and carry plenty of wax concentrates in the two, 5 ml, silicone containers. The shock and smell proof case also comes with a torch, dab tool and dab pad.  This pipe will allow your customers to do dabs anywhere, from Kilimanjaro to their sofa!

About Happy Kit

AFG proudly carries Happy Kit Products. Happy Kit's goal is your customer's happiness. Their kits are the ultimate brand of travel smoking kits. Happy kit's mission is to make your customers live's easier, convenient and, therefore, happier. 

Their products are thought of as the first-aid-kit for smokers. They include a slick Smell and Shock-Proof case that come with all your essential smoking accessories, but the most important thing HappyKits include is…..