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High Voltage Detox Double Flush | 16oz | Mixed | 24pc Case

SKU: DT14570


  • 24 bottles per case
  • 16 ounce detox drinks
  • For people 240lbs. and over with high toxin levels
  • Effective within 30 mins, can last up to 7 hours
  • Includes 6 detox capsules
  • Assorted flavors (Note: flavors may vary)
  • Made in USA

Product Description

Product Description

Wholesale Detox Drinks

This case of High Voltage Detox Double Flush contains (24) 16oz bottles of detox drinks. The Double Flush formula is made for people who are 240 pounds or more and with high toxin levels. Contains a B-Vitamin and Creatine blend with nutrients and herbal extracts that help remove unwanted toxins. The detox drink takes effect within 30 minutes and can last up to 7 hours. The flavors contained within the 24 bottle case come assorted and may include the following: Pomegranate, Tropical Orange, Lemon Lime, Blazin' Cherry, Blue Berry and Acai Grape (flavors may vary). Made in USA.


For better results avoid unwanted toxins 24-48 hours and pre-cleanse the day before by drinking plenty of water.

  1. Consume all capsules with 16oz of water
  2. Wait 30 minutes and drink 32oz of water
  3. Wait one hour and drink High Voltage 16oz liquid
  4. Drink 16oz of water

***Product is most effective after three normal sized urinations.***

For best results: Avoid unnecessary toxins, especially tobacco, fatty foods and heavy exercise prior to your deadline. Also avoid caffeine and fruit juices during the pre-cleanse period. Drink 6-8 large glasses of water each day to flush toxins naturally, and urinate frequently.