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HighDrate CBD 16.9oz Energy Water - 12pc

SKU: SP239
    • (12) 16.9oz energy water drinks
    • Sold as a 12 bottle case
    • 80mg of Caffeine
    • 10mg of hemp-derived CBD
    • Bottled in USA

Product Description

Product Description

CBD Drinks

The HighDrate CBD Energy Water comes in great flavors! Each 16.9oz bottle has 10mg of CBD from organic industrial hemp. HighDrate is powered by Alkame Technology which incorporates an advanced water treatment to create premium oxygenated alkaline water. Alkame is shown to boost the immune system and physical performance. HighDrate drinks are non-psychoactive, refreshing and taste great. The energy comes from the 80mg of caffeine that are in each bottle. Sold as a case of 12 bottles.