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Inspire CBD Inhaler | 1000mg



  • CBD inhaler by EOS Labs
  • 100 actuations per inhaler
  • 1000mg each
  • Rapid 3-5 minute onset
  • Discreet and predictable dosage form
  • Combustion, odor & battery-free
  • Third party lab tested
  • Certificate of Analysis available
  • Multiple flavor options

Product Description

Product Description

Wholesale CBD Inhalers

Inspire CBD Inhalers from EOS Labs offers an excellent delivery system with metered, predictable and precise dosage for users. These easy-to-use devices offer convenience and discretion in a small package. Each inhaler contains 1000mg and 100 actuations total. The rapid oral onset allows effects to begin in as little as 2-5 minutes. All products are ensured by top-quality laboratory processes and third party lab testing for purity and potency.

User Instructions

Each inhaler has a user serving suggestion of 1 puff. Do not exceed more than 2 puffs in one hour. Each puff delivers 10mg of CBD.

About EOS Labs

Eos Labs, LLC offers superior pharmaceutical grade products that you can trust. This Oregon based company, created by native Oregonians, provides alternative delivery systems for hemp and cannabinoid products. Their team brings with them combined experience in healthcare and finance to the hemp industry. They ensure that each product is formulated using pharmaceutical grade ingredients, equipment and sterile technique.