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Kratom Pharmacy | Capsules | 65pc Bag

SKU: SP428


  • 65pc Bag - kratom capsules
  • All natural organic leaf powder
  • 100% chemical-free
  • 500 milligrams per capsule
  • Available in multiple strains & blends

Product Description

Product Description

Kratom Pharmacy Capsules are convenient and allow users to carry with them on-the-go. Made with all natural organic kratom leaf powder that contains absolutely no chemicals. Each heat sealed bag contains 65 capsules each with 500mg. 

Available in 5 Strains / Blends:

- Green Maeng Da is a Green Vein Kratom that is a good all-around, well-balanced strain. Users report a mild energy boost, enhanced alertness and focus and pain-relieving effects. An excellent in-between from red and white vein.

- Red Maeng Da is a Red Vein Kratom and one of the most sought after strains. Users report sedative and pain relief effects

- Super Indo is a type of pure Kratom. Users report pain relief, euphoria, relaxation, stimulation and heightened alertness from this strain.  

- White Maeng Da is a White Vein Kratom that is sought after for analgesic properties and relaxation. Users report this strain as a positive mood enhancer, euphoria, alertness, concetration, cheerfulness, motivation and stamina. 

- Trainwreck Blend is an 11 strain full spectrum blend of Kratom leaf powder. The secret blend includes Red, Green, White, Yellow and Gold strains. The strains are perfectly blended to compliment each other.