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Ozium Odor Eliminator Gel | 4.5oz



  • 4.5 ounces of odor eliminating gel
  • THE ANYWHERE ODOR ELIMINATOR: OZIUM Odor Eliminating Gel gets rid of stubborn smoke odors and tackles other unpleasant everyday smells anywhere they exist. 
  • IDEAL FOR SMALL SPACES: Use the 4.5oz OZIUM gel to get rid of odors found in small spaces like cars, bathrooms, musty closets, gym bags and trash cans. 
  • DISCREET & EASY TO USE: The simple, compact design discreetly fits anywhere, and the adjustable lid allows for fragrance level control. 
  • Multiple scent options

Product Description

Product Description

Wholesale Odor Eliminator Gel

Ozium is well known in the smoke shop industry for being THE best air freshener. Ozium works by dissolving airborne molecules that cause unwanted odors. Effectively eliminates odors without just masking them. Features a twist-top for scent level control and works around the clock to keep the air space clean. Available in multiple scent options including Country Fresh, Citrus, New Car, Original, Outdoors and Vanilla. Sold individually in 4.5oz containers.