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Powermatic III Electric Cigarette Injector

SKU: SA1823
    • Electric cigarette injector
    • "One button" operation
    • Automatic loading & compression
    • Large hopper (up to 30 tubes)
    • User selected cigarette density setting
    • Digital display & counter
    • Automatic jam protection
    • Works w/ 110v or 220v power supply
    • One year warranty
    • Compatible w/ international 220v plug adaptors

Product Description

Product Description

Wholesale Cigarette Injectors

The Powermatic III+ Electric Cigarette Injector features "One button" operation, automatic loading & compression, a large hopper able to fill up to 30 cigarette tubes, user selected cigarette density setting, a digital counter, automatic jam protection, and the ability to work on 110v or 220v power supply. Compatible with international 220v plug adaptors. Makes Kingsize and 100mm. One year warranty.