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Puffco Plus Portable Concentrate Vaporizer | 520mAh | Vision

SKU: V567


  • Coil-less ceramic bowl
  • 3 heat settings
  • Sesh mode
  • Built-in extendable loading tool doubles as carb cap and splash guard
  • Fast charging/long lasting battery
  • 520mAh
  • Iridescent rainbow color
  • Click Here for coil-less ceramic chamber replacement

Product Description

Product Description

The Puffco Vision Plus Portable Concentrate Vaporizer is a high quality electronic pocket nail specially crafted to reveal the intricate flavors of your concentrates, now in cool iridescent rainbow color. The Puffco Vision Plus bridges innovation and convenience with its combined card cap, loading tool, and splash guard, all built into the mouthpiece. The tip of the mouthpiece presses down to extend the loading tool to make preparation simple and clean.

This advanced oil vaporizer features 3 heat settings so you can get thick smoke clouds and sneak tiny puffs. Puffco Vision also wields "Sesh-mode" functionality, maintaining continuous heat for 12 full seconds so you can achieve a full medical dose.

The Puffco Vision Plus is a precision machine with alloy housing and fingerprint resistant coating to uphold its sleek appearance and supply you with an enhanced, flavorful mobile dabbing enterprise.