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  • Pulsar Beaker Water Pipe - 12"/19mm Female

Pulsar Beaker Water Pipe - 12"/19mm Female

SKU: WP136
    • 12"/7mm/19mm Female beaker pipe
    • Super thick 7mm borosilicate glass
    • Removable diffuser downstem and joint clip (included)
    • 19mm male herb slide (included)
    • 3-pinch ice catch
    • Pulsar logo

    Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.

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Product Description

Product Description

The Pulsar Thick Beaker Water Pipe stands 12" and features ultra-thick 7mm glass, a removable diffuser downstem, 19mm female joint, and a 3-pinch ice catch, and a 19mm male herb slide and joint clip (included).

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