Pulsar DabPadz Dab Mat

SKU: SA2178


  • Dab rig-protecting pad
  • Shock absorbent water pipe cushion
  • Screen-printed fabric top
  • Made by DabPadz
  • Pulsar logo
  • Small, Medium, & Large sizes available

Product Description

Product Description

Wholesale Dab Gear

These Pulsar DabPadz Dab Mats are .1 inches thick, water pipe-protecting cushions with a screen-printed fabric top. Made from shock-absorbent rubber, these pads gently protect any precious dab rig or water pipe. Available with a variety of cool Pulsar designs, including many from the Pulsar Featured Artist Series.

Small: 5 inch (12.7cm) diameter
Medium: 8 inch (20.3cm) diameter
Large: 16 inch by 10 inch (40.6cm x 25.4cm)
***Die Cut mats are uniquely shaped around the design image***