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Pulsar Directional Worked Carb Cap - 36mm | Colors Vary

SKU: SA2275
  • 36 mm glass carb cap and wax container lid
  • Worked boro glass
  • Directional airflow
  • Wig wag directional design
  • Multi color designs are assorted (designs may vary from pictured)

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.

Product Description

Product Description

Pulsar Directional Carb Caps

This Pulsar Directional Ball Carb Cap is made with borosilicate glass. This carburetor cap can be manipulated to direct air flow into bangers smaller than 36 mm. Carb caps allow for cooler dabs conserving the flavor for longer sessions. Being able to direct the airflow helps ensure that customers get maximum efficiency with concentrates and their product is completely vaporized. Diameter measures 36 millimeters wide. Your customers can dab away their worries while using this accessory with their favorite oil rig.

About Pulsar

Pulsar has always been at the forefront. This proud group veterans of the smoking industry created their first product, a handheld portable dry herb vaporizer called the Pulsar 7. Since those early days, Pulsar designed and developed many other quality products for the modern day smoker to #EnjoyHigherCulture in their everyday life.

Pulsar is a close-knit team of passionate vaping and smoking enthusiasts with their finger firmly planted on the pulse of a quickly growing industry. As so, they continue to design, develop and deliver exclusive, leading-edge products. As the country evolves and this industry progresses, so does Pulsar. It is a very exciting time for Pulsar!

Pulsar now houses over 1000 different products at facilities in the vibrant and creative city of Asheville, NC. They are most recognized and respected for the APX Family line of vapes, they also offer other vaporizers, water pipes, rolling trays, nails, bubblers, and silicone products. AFG proudly carries all of Pulsar's products.

Pulsar's goal has always been to listen to the community to create and offer the most desirable, best quality products, at the most reasonable prices. That goal has been consistently met or exceeded and will continue to do so into the future. Pulsar wants everyone to...