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Pulsar MatchPod Thick Oil Pod Battery



  • (12) Compatible pod vape batteries
  • 2.1"x1.2"x.34"
  • 260mah battery
  • Single button control
  • Variable voltage
  • 15 sec pre-heat function
  • Pods sold separately
  • Point-of-purchase display box
  • Also sold as a 12 unit display

Product Description

Product Description

Discreet Pod Battery

The Pulsar MatchPod Battery is a variable voltage battery that has the power to handle the thickest of oils as well as nic salt and hemp oil. 

With a sleek 2 inch form factor this unit fits great in pockets and purses without taking up much space. Compatible with Pulsar disposable pods and most other pods. Pulsar Pods (sold separately) have a 2mm intake hole and designed for thick CBD and hemp oils.

The variable voltage settings puts the user in control so they can set the voltage depending on what viscosity of liquid is being used. Lower the voltage for nic salts or up it to the highest setting to handle the thicker oils. 

The handy pre-heat function lets users prime the pod for the perfect hits. 


- Compatible with most pods
- Single button operation
- Pre-heat function
- Nic salt compatible
- Thick Oil compatible
- Hemp oil compatible
- Low power reminder
- Short circuit reminder
- 6 month warranty

Quick Start Guide

- 2 clicks Pre-heat for 15 seconds.
- 5 clicks On/Off, 3 color LED lights.
- Variable voltage: 4.2V White / 3.8V Blue / 3.3V Red
- Battery power indicator: >70% White / 70%-30% Blue / <30% Red