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  • Pulsar Opaque Deep Banger | 60mm x 25mm | 90D

Pulsar Opaque Deep Banger | 60mm x 25mm | 90D

SKU: SA2697-14M


  • 90 degree quartz banger
  • 60mm by 25mm chamber
  • Extra deep banger
  • Opaque bottom
  • Multiple joint sizes
  • Made with 100% quartz

Product Description

Product Description

The Pulsar Opaque Deep Banger is made from pure quartz with a flat top, perfect for creating a tight seal with a carb cap to create effective vaporization. The chamber of this banger measure 60mm deep and 25mm wide; the chamber depth ensures a lessened concentrate splash-back and that less vapor escapes through the top and in combination with a carb cap, creates an efficient flow of air. The opaque bottom is alleged to heat more quickly and hold heat longer than a classic clear quartz bottom. These bangers feature a 90 degree stem and are available in 14mm Male and 19mm Male sizes.

This extra deep banger would function most ideally with a long nose carb cap, such as the SA2527 or SA2528. And check out our wide selection of other Pulsar bangers and nails by clicking here!!