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  • Pulsar Propeller Water Pipe - 7.25" / 14mm

Pulsar Propeller Water Pipe - 7.25" / 14mm

    • 7.25" / 14mm female
    • Spinning propeller perc
    • Bent neck mouthpiece
    • 14mm male slide (included)

    Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.

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Product Description

Product Description

The 7.25" Pulsar Propeller Perc Water Pipe has a unique rotating perc that spins faster the harder you hit! This perc generates finely diffused bubbles for cooler, smoother hits. Other features include scientific-grade glass with green highlights, a 14mm female joint for superior glass-on-glass connections (and easy customization), a 14mm male herb slide, a bent-neck mouthpiece to keep the flame out of your face, and a splash guard dome to keep the water where it should be- not in your mouth!