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Pulsar Vapor Vessel V4 - Colors Vary

SKU: SA1335
    • Water cooled glass dab straw
    • Colors vary
    • Sturdy borosilicate glass
    • Showerhead percolator
    • Cyclone mouthpiece chamber
    • Grade 2 titanium nail (14mm male)

    Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.

Product Description

Product Description

Cool Dab Pipes

The Pulsar Vapor Vessel V4 Dabbing Pipe features a worked honeycomb glass design, a showerhead style percolator and a cyclone style mouthpiece chamber. A joint clip and 14mm male grade 2 titanium nail deliver awesome heat handling for perfect dabs. The cyclone mouthpiece design swirls and cools the smoke before inhaling for unbelievably chill rips. Comes in assorted accent colors.