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  • Pulsar Vortex Vapor Straw w/ Stand - 8" - Colors Vary

Pulsar Vortex Vapor Straw w/ Stand - 8" - Colors Vary

SKU: SA1334
    • 8 inch dab pipe
    • Assorted highlight colors
    • Borosilicate pipe and reclaimer stand
    • Vortex design for smooth, cool dabs

    Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.

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Product Description

Product Description

The Pulsar Vortex Dabbing Pipe w/ Reclaimer Stand swirls and cools smoke inside the mouthpiece for insanely smooth rips! Both the pipe and reclaimer stand are made from super-durable borosilicate glass! The stand is a natural reclaimer- collecting warm residual dab drips as heat and gravity, working together, does its thing. This glass pipe comes in assorted accent colors.

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