Pulsar Zippo Lighter

SKU: LT650


  • Classic Zippo lighter shape
  • Lifetime manufacturer's guarantee
  • Wind-proof functionality
  • Pulsar branded
  • Made in the USA
  • Multiple design & finish options available
  • Note: For USA sales only
  • Order 15 or more Zippos and get a free display, contact your sales rep - (855) 234-4386

Product Description

Product Description

Wholesale Zippo Lighters

The ClassicZippo Lighter is made in the USA with a metal construction and a windproof design that works virtually anywhere. Backed by Zippos world famous Lifetime Guarantee "it works or we fix it free". A notorious smoker classic, these lighters are available with a variety of different, cool, Pulsar designs with assorted matte, brushed, and metallic finishes. Includes works from the Pulsar Featured Artist Series

Featured Artists
  • Great Awakening by David Paul Seymour
  • Meditation by Julian Akbar
  • MrOw by Courtney Hannen
  • Psychedelic Dragonfish by Amberly Downs
  • Psychedelic Moth by Amberly Downs
  • Psychedelic Alien by Amberly Downs
  • Psychedelic Ocean by Amberly Downs
  • Psychedelic Spaceman by Amberly Downs
  • Mechanical Owl by Courtney Hannen
  • Skateburger by Wooden Cyclops
  • Trippy Trip by Julian Akbar