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Quartz Terp Sauce Dabber - 4.5"

SKU: SA2023
• 4.5" sauce wand / dabber
• Angled scoop on one side, pointed dabber on other
• Pure quartz
• Use with live resins, terps and isolates

Product Description

Product Description

Wholesale Terp Sauce Dabbers

This Quartz Terp Sauce Dabber Wand is a dabber tool that is made specifically for use with live resin, crystal terp sauces and isolates. Similar to a dab spoon or terp spoon, these tools have a shovel shape on the end that is used for scooping your live resin, sauce, terpenes and CBD isolates. These can also be used for dabs and distillates. To use, just scoop and drop your product into your banger nail. The other end of the tool has a pointed tip for using with your dabs and live resins. Great for getting really flavorful hits from your dab rig.

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