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RAW Perfect Cone Maker - 12pc Display

SKU: RP508
    • (12) cone makers
    • Use with any RAW rolling papers
    • Use with Perfecto or Maestro tips
    • Metal construction 
    • Detailed instructions inside caps

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Product Description

Product Description

The Raw Perfect Cone Loader makes it easy for anyone to make a cone out of any rolling paper. These rollers are made with a durable metal construction so they will last a lifetime. The display box contains 12 units packaged in quality transparent plastic tubes. Best used with RAW Perfecto or Maestro cone tips. Includes transparent filling funnel and screw-in poker tool. 

Instructions For Use

Step 1 - Roll up a raw cone tip and place it into the recessed end of the RAW Cone Maker.
Step 2 - Line up the edge of your paper with the end of the cone tip and wrap the paper around the body of the cone maker. Gently moisten the gum line and seal
Step 3 - Gently slide the cone off of the cone maker. Put the included plastic funnel tip into the cone and fill with your favorite herbs.