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RAW Six Shooter Cone Filler

SKU: CI158


  • Fills up to 6 cones
  • Hard plastic construction
  • Detailed instructions included
  • Kingsize & 1 1/4" size options available

Product Description

Product Description

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The RAW Six Shooter Kingsize Cone Filler is an easy to use manual handheld cone filler that allows you to fill from 1 to 6 cones at a time. The filler is made with a hard plastic construction that comes with easy to follow instructions. Come packaging in quality retail packaging. Available in Kingsize and 1 1/4" size options. 


  • Load holes with Raw Kingsize cones
  • Loosen pin and dial plate to 1,2, or 3 and tighten again.
  • Fill with your favorite herbs and put cap on.
  • Hold cap in place and bang on hard surface.
  • Use poker tool to finish packing the cones.

Note: remove the top plate to fill 6 cones at one time.