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  • RIP Bliss Acrylic Hookah w/ LED | 24" | Colors Vary

RIP Bliss Acrylic Hookah w/ LED | 24" | Colors Vary

SKU: HK517


  • 24 inches tall
  • Acrylic hookah base
  • Single hose design
  • 10" matching aluminum hose handle
  • Transparent shaft fills w/ smoke when used
  • Simple & classic vase design
  • LED lighting w/ remote control
  • Funnel hookah bowl
  • Colors vary

Product Description

Product Description

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These unique table top hookahs from Rip Hookahs are ideal for tabletop use and lighting up the night! With their simple and classic base design, the Bliss Hookah looks great anywhere and has a transparent shaft that fills with smoke when in use. These single hose hookahs also have an LED lighting feature in the base which can be changed with an included remote control. LED lights require 3 AAA batteries (not included) and LED light remote requires a CR2025 battery (included).