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Rig In One Replacement Torch Lighter - 5.75"

SKU: LT571
    • 5.75 inch torch lighter
    • Replacement item for Rig In One Dab Rig
    • Made by Stache Products
    • Refillable

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.

Product Description

Product Description

Wholesale Glass Dab Rigs

This replacement torch lighter is a certified replacement for the Rig In One Portable Dab Unit by Stache Products. The torch has a friction fit and slides into the resin base underneath the glass rig. When the torch is in place it will be vertically aligned and the torch nozzle sits directly under the low temp quartz that comes with the dab unit.  

Features a flame adjustment knob and a piezo ignition button. Refillable unit meant for use with butane. Measures 5.75" long.