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  • Silver Fumed Oil Rig - 8" | 14mm Female

Silver Fumed Oil Rig - 8" | 14mm Female

SKU: PP2199
    • 8" / 14mm female dab rig
    • Fixed downstem
    • Inline percolator
    • Quartz banger nail - 4mm thick (included)
    • Silver fumed

    Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.

Product Description

Product Description

Glass Dab Rigs

The Silver Fumed Oil Rig is a scientific glass dab rig with a silver fumed coloring. Features an inline perc, fixed downstem, reclaim catcher and included 4mm thick quartz banger. The thicker banger holds retains heat for longer giving you a longer time for your dab sesh.