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  • Small Oil Rig - 6.75"/19mm Male

Small Oil Rig - 6.75"/19mm Male

SKU: PP947
    • 6.75 inches
    • Diffuser downstem
    • Borosilicate glass
    • 19mm male joint
    • 19mm female nail and dome

Best Oil Rigs

This Small Oil Rig measures 6.75 inches tall and has a 19mm male joint and corresponding 19mm female glass nail and dome for an awesome dab rig! This super-sturdy rig is made of premium borosilicate for excellent strength and heat resistance. Your customers will love the kick they get from a concentrated cup of dabs!

AFG carries a wide range of Pulsar add-ons for custom setups. Your customers will like playing around with ash catchers, nails, honey buckets, and a wide range of slides... whatever setup they can dream!

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