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Special Blue Room Sprays - 24pc Bundle | Assorted

• (24) Aerosol room sprays - 6.9 oz each
• Odor eliminating
• 2 Each of 12 Assorted scents

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Product Description

Product Description

Get Rid of Unwanted Odors

The Special Blue Room Spray is specially formulated to remove unwanted odors and keep air fresh. Packaged in a pressurized aerosol can containing 6.9 ounces. Works great for removing smoke odors. Sold as a 24 unit set in 12 assorted fragrances. Fragrances include: Jasmine Woods, Lavender Dreams, OG Kush, Orange Crush, Vanilla Chronic, White Tea Party, Pictures of Lily, Garden Exotica, Jasmine Jewel, Pink Delight, Wedding Rose and Berry Pie.