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TYSON 2.0 x Clipper Lighter | 48pc Display

SKU: HZ1149


  • 48-piece display
  • TYSON 2.0 refillable pocket lighters
  • Lighters come pre-filled
  • Flint arm can be used as a packing tool
  • Assorted TYSON 2.0 designs
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Product Description

Product Description

These TYSON 2.0 x Clipper Lighters are refillable lighters with various official TYSON 2.0 designs featuring the heavy-weight champ. Refillable fuel & replaceable flint = unlimited lifespan. These lighters come pre-filled, and the flint arm can be removed and used as a packing tool. Sold as a 48-piece display.

NOTE: Hazmat shipping fees and/or restrictions may apply; please see our Terms & Conditions for details.