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VIBES Metal Rolling Tray - Bubblegum Drip Logo

SKU: SA2638


  • VIBES metal rolling tray
  • Lightweight
  • Raised edges
  • Smooth surface & rounded corners
  • Bubblegum VIBES logo design
  • Multiple sizes available

Product Description

Product Description

These lightweight metal rolling trays are perfect for containing your precious herb when you're trying to roll up a hand-crafted cigarette or joint. The smooth, glossy surface of these rolling trays is perfect for collecting your ground herb, and its raised edges prevent any stray bits from escaping the rolling area. These trays feature a VIBES logo design in sticky, melty bubblegum pink. 

Multiple sizes available:
Small  -  7" x 5.5"
Medium  -  11" x 6"
Large  -  13" x 11"

Note: Online sales of VIBES products are prohibited without express written permission from Vibes Holdings LLC