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Very Happy Kit - 7.5"x6"

SKU: SA1433
    • 7.5"x6"
    • Smell proof, waterproof & shockproof case
    • Kit includes grinder, glass pipe, rolling papers w/ tips, storage tube, silicone container, 1-hitter and poker

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Product Description

Product Description

The 7.5"x6" Very Happy Kit includes everything your customers need for a good time. Kit includes a smell-proof, waterproof and shockproof case; a 4pc aluminum herb grinder; a 4'' glass pipe; king-size rolling papers w/ filter tips; 1 1/4 rolling papers w/ filter tips; a plastic storage tube; a silicone wax container, a one-hitter pipe; and a metal poker. This kit keeps everything neatly in place and travels anywhere your customers dare.

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