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  • Wild Berry End-Cap Filled Display Kit | Full Size

Wild Berry End-Cap Filled Display Kit | Full Size

SKU: IN726


  • 24 best selling fragrances
  • Includes incense sticks, cones, oils, and wax melts
  • Lighted oak end cap rack

Product Description

Product Description

- Contains incense, cones, fragrance oil & wax melts, plus heavy oak display unit

Kit contains:

24 best-selling stick fragrances (2 bundles each), 12 packaged cone fragrances (6 packs of each), 6 best-selling wax melt fragrances (2 of each), 6 best-selling 4 oz candle fragrances,12 fragrance oils (3 half-ounce bottles each), corresponding labeled display jars for sticks; display materials, including baggie basket w/pen and P.O.P. signage; 600 zip top 2"x 12" bags, merchandising information folder, 1 dozen flat wooden ash catchers, 4 large brass cone burners, 6 ceramic light rings, 1 customer sample bundle of 100 incense sticks; and lighted oak end cap rack. (Rack: 32" wide x 23" deep x 82" tall)

Stick fragrances: Blend 22™, Champa Flower™, Cherry Vanilla, Cinnamon, Coconut, Dragon's Blood, Egyptian Cotton™, Egyptian Musk, Fairy Dust™, Fizzy Pop™, Fresh Rain, Lilac, Musk, Ocean Wind, Opium (type), Patchouli, Peace of Mind™, Peach, Pear Vanilla, Raspberry Rose, Sandalwood, Strawberry, Tranquility, and Vanilla.

Packaged fragrances: Cherry Vanilla, Dragon's Blood, Fizzy Pop™, Fresh Rain, Ocean Wind, Opium (type), Patchouli, Peace of Mind™, Raspberry Rose, Sandalwood, Tranquility and Vanilla.

Oil fragrances: Champa Flower™, Deep Patchouli, Dragon's Blood, Fresh Rain, India Moon™, Lavender, Musk, Ocean Wind, Opium (type), Peace of Mind™, Sweet Patchouli, and Vanilla.

Candle fragrances: Champa Flower™, Egyptian Cotton™, Fairy Dust™, Fizzy Pop™, Ocean Wind, and Peach.