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aLeaf Terp Slurper Banger Kit | Screw | 14mm M

SKU: SA4076-45


  • 3 piece kit
  • 14mm male banger
  • Includes terp slurper screw and a marble style carb cap
  • Terp Slurper banger design
  • 45 degree angle joint available

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Product Description

Product Description

This innovative banger design brings about a whole new way to dab. Featuring a lower stem and tray built into the bucket, these 14mm male bangers function best when concentrates are loaded into the bottom and utilize vortex technology to create a natural spiral of air to vaporize wax and shatter. The screw insert restricts and directs airflow to maximize vaporization, while the marble carb cap contains any vapors between hits.

Included in this 3 piece set are 1 screw insert, 1 marble style carb cap, and 1 14mm male quartz terp slurper banger. 

Banger Dimensions: 20mm outer diameter, 15mm inner diameter, 53mm height, 30mm lower tray diameter
Marble Dimensions: 21mm diameter
Screw Dimensions: 31mm length, 12mm diameter