Hookahs have been utilized at social gatherings in many countries for of years. They are great for bringing people together in celebration & are an integral cultural tradition in many places. Modern hookahs remain faithful to the original simple designs from hundreds of years ago, and are composed of 4 basic components: a bowl, a stem, a hose (or multiple hoses) & a base.

How hookahs work: The user places shisha (with or without tobacco, usually made from a mixture of molasses or honey with fruit and/or spices for flavor) in the bowl at the top of the stem. The user then places a screen over the shisha and lights charcoal to place on top of the screen. The lit charcoal heats up the shisha and sends smoke into the downstem. When the user inhales from the hose, the smoke is drawn down into water in the base of the hookah, where it is cooled and humidified before passing into the hose for inhalation. Users may pass the hose to the next person, or a multiple-hose hookah may be used so that each user has a hose to herself. Disposable plastic tips are also available for easy, sanitary sharing.

While hookahs have their origins in the east, they are rapidly gaining popularity all over the world. Hookah bars & lounges are springing up in all sorts of places, particularly in large cities and around college campuses. Personal hookahs are great for parties and many people now have hookahs in their home which they use for relaxation and social gatherings.