More and more these days, smokers are gravitating towards increasingly health-conscious alternatives to traditional smoking methods. Vaporizers are the perfect product to meet this demand. Intended for “smoking” legal herbal blends (like Sativah) and tobacco without actually burning the material, vaporizers are one of the best-selling smoking accessories on the market. Vaporizers work by rapidly heating the selected herbs and producing a vapor which includes little or no smoke. This vapor is then inhaled by the user for a smoking experience that produces an immediate effect and allows for consistent dosage with less carcinogenic by-products like the tar and carbon monoxide produced from burning, and hence causes less irritation and ill effects to the user’s body.

There are many different types of vaporizers available to meet the individual consumer’s standards. Portable vaporizers, such as the Iolite handheld and the Vapir NO2, are ideal for the user on the go. Each of these vaporizers features a high quality heating element combined with a sleek, compact design and both include mouthpieces for direct inhalation of the vapors produced. The Iolite is available in a variety of trendy colors and requires no charging or electricity since it is powered by butane. The Vapir NO2, a new and improved model of a previous Vapir vaporizer, is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and includes temperature memory recall for added convenience.

For a more affordable option or someone new to vaporizers, customers may prefer something simple like a globe vaporizer which traps the vapor in a glass globe which the user then inhales through a small flexible whip inserted into the machine. Box style vaporizers which utilize a glass heating element and a high quality whip are also a great buy for the customer on a budget. Box vaporizers are higher quality than globe vaporizers, but still tend to be very affordable and are a better option for more serious smokers.

If your customer is looking for a quality, attractive vaporizer which really stands out and is perfect for home-use, the Sky and the Predator vaporizers are both great choices. The Sky vaporizer features a sleek, modern pyramid design that customers won’t mind displaying in their home. It works by pushing vapors into a bag which the user removes from the base when full and inhales the vapors directly from the bag. For a high quality vaporizer with a little more pizzazz, your customers will delight in the unique, artistic design of the Predator vaporizer. The Predator pushes the vapor into a whip which the user inhales from and is manufactured using aerospace-quality aluminum, high-temperature silicone and a stainless steel heating cartridge. The durable stylish Predator vaporizer was built to last and is available in four distinct colors to fit any personality.

Vaporizers are a great addition to your line of traditional smoking accessories as they provide an alternative for customers leaning towards more health-conscious lifestyles. Vaporizers are available in a large range of price points, so there is something for every consumer, whether they are looking for an affordable healthy smoking accessory, or looking for a high quality durable smoking device that is sure to provide the best smoking experience possible.