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Puffco Hot Knife Electronic Heated Loading Tool

SKU: SA3097


  • Electric dab loading tool
  • 5.25" (w/ cap on)
  • USB-C charging (cable included)
  • 500mA battery (30 mins to charge, 50+ uses per charge)
  • Ceramic tip (clean w/ qtip moistened w/ alcohol)
  • Multiple color options available

Product Description

Product Description

The Puffco Hot Knife makes loading your concentrates an easy task. Dip the Hot Knife into your concentrates to scoop out a dose and then heat the tip to let the oil drop into your atomizer or banger. When you are done just place the cap back over the tip. Never again will you have to worry about sticky residue or dirty dab tools.

The tool measures 5.25 inches long and is capable of 50 or more uses on a single charge. Includes a USB-C charger and can charge in as little as 30 minutes. Multiple color options available.